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Right of Way encroachment menace: WAPCo to engage stakeholders in Tema

Come April 25, the West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCo) will meet with stakeholders in Tema, to discuss ways and means to tackle the growing menace of encroachments on its pipeline right of way.


Encroachment on and along WAPCo’s pipeline right of way has assumed crisis proportions, despite renewed efforts by the company to educate and sensitise locals on the risks of building settlements, or engaging in unauthorized activities on or close to the pipeline right of way. With the safety of the pipeline, of encroachers and of the entire community at serious risk, WAPCo has taken the initiative to bring together all relevant stakeholders with a view to finding a lasting and concerted solution to the problem.

Participants attending the planned workshop include the Tema Traditional Council, the Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA), the Tema Development Corporation (TDC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and other interest groups.

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