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WAPCo completes expansion of Tema facility_

The West African Gas Pipeline Company Ltd (WAPCo), owner and operator of the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) has completed expansion works at its Regulating and Metering Station at Tema, near Accra, Ghana.

The expansion works involved an upgrade of the facility from its initial capacity of 70mmscfd to 140mmscfd, thereby doubling its capacity.

WAPCo, as a gas transporter, has two regulating and metering stations in Ghana. One located at Aboadze, near Takoradi in the Western Region and the other located at Tema, in the Eastern part of the country. These two facilities were sited in these two locations to facilitate gas delivery to the Volta River Authority (VRA) and any other customers that may emerge. The facilities were constructed based on an initial agreement to deliver a foundation volume of 130 mmscf of natural gas daily to the VRA in Takoradi, and a potential to deliver a maximum of 70 mmscf to Tema.

The past few years have witnessed a growing demand for natural gas in Ghana in general and the Tema enclave in particular as a result of a massive expansion of power infrastructure.

WAPCo in 2014, at the request of VRA, embarked on a project to expand its Tema facilities in order to be able to deliver more gas to the VRA at Tema and also to meet emerging demands of its current and prospective customers.

With this growing demand, coupled with the production of Ghana’s own natural gas in the Western Region, the expansion of the Tema facility now makes it possible for WAPCo to transport more volumes of gas from Nigeria to meet the growing demand in the Tema enclave.


Additional Metering Skid added to Tema Facility


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