First Gas Reaches Ghana

The West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCo), operator of the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) on Saturday November 28, 2008 resumed the commissioning of its facilities at the Itoki Natural Gas Export Terminal in Nigeria, with the introduction of natural gas into its onshore section between Itoki and Lagos Beach.  On December 5th, natural gas was introduced into the offshore pipeline from Lagos Beach all the way to Takoradi in Ghana.

WAPCo has been ready to flow natural gas since April 2008, with the commissioning of its Itoki Terminal, in Nigeria with natural gas.  The commissioning was suspended at the time because the moisture content in the gas did not meet the required WAGP specification. The Itoki terminal is where the WAGP meets the Nigerian Gas Company's Escravos-to-Lagos system and takes its supply.

The efforts made by WAPCo and the upstream suppliers since April to get the moisture content in the gas reduced to acceptable levels to meet the company's specification, have been successful, enabling this significant milestone of filling the pipeline with natural gas from Nigeria to Ghana.

The pressure of the gas flowing in the pipeline from Lagos to WAPCo's Regulating and Metering (R&M) station at Takoradi is currently being allowed to build up to appropriate level for operations. The process, known as line packing, is expected to last for about seven days.  WAPCo will concurrently begin commissioning its Takoradi R&M facilities.  It is expected that within 2-3 weeks from the start of the overall commissioning of the pipeline, the company would advise the Volta River Authority to begin their commissioning processes to receive the gas at their plant at Takoradi.