WAPCo is ready to support Ghana meet energy needs

The West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCo) is ready to play its role to help Ghana meet its energy needs, says Mr. Walter Perez, Managing Director.

Speaking on the topic “Ghana’s Energy Needs: The role of the WAGP” at the sixth Ghana Oil and Gas Summit in Accra on April 23, 2015, Mr. Perez said the pipeline which was initially constructed to transport natural gas from the East (Nigeria) to the West (Ghana) with one major shipper for at least a decade, has had to adjust to take into account developments which have occurred in the sub region, especially in Ghana, since the pipeline started operations in 2011.

The first major adjustment WAPCo made was to make the pipeline available to other shippers who may be interested to transport gas through WAGP.  Another major development is the opportunity to make the West African Gas Pipeline bi-directional to enable gas from the Western Region of Ghana to be transported to Tema in the eastern part of the country.  WAPCo intends to allow this bi-directional flow opportunity to help move more Ghanaian gas and is ready to work with all stakeholders to make the pipeline available to help generate more energy for the country’s development.  A concrete example is the ongoing discussions with Ghana Gas for an interconnection in Takoradi to enable WAPCo transport Ghanaian gas from Takoradi to Tema for power generation.


Also, WAPCo together with the Volta River Authority is undertaking an upgrade of WAPCo’s facility at Tema to enable it accommodate higher volumes of gas in order to meet Ghana’s growing energy needs.